a magical transformation   julie l. shaffer


After I wrote "A Magical Transformation," I decided to move from my hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I had lived my entire life of 38 years. I travelled from Fort Wayne to Seattle in August, 1999. My journey has taken me a great distance and given me a new sense of belonging in a community.

Shielding myself within
a hardened shell.
Breaking through the barrier
while metamorphosed into a caterpillar.
Crawling down the pavement
as cold as the unknown.
Bonding intimately
with a milkweed.
Interweaving myself in silk
hidden within my cocoon.
Creating a protective place
to magically transform.
Shedding my skin
as an explosion of color occurs.
Drying my newly formed wings
as transparent stained glass.
Nourishing myself with flower nectar
to refuel my heart and rehash my past.
Reluctant to fly
during the night.
Sheltering myself
until the dark turns to light.
Outstretching my wings
for my ultimate flight.
Finding love, freedom and clarity
through my continued journey of life.

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