mrs. robinson   suhaqiah69


here it is
you're leaving
i wont help you pack

hanging my head upside down
i watch you struggle
with blankets
and bedknobs and broomsticks
you're going camping
without me

so you kiss good
when you want to mr.
especially good good-byes
other times you
just lie back
and wait to be kissed

and wait and wait and wait
with the paint in one eye
like god had spilled some
of my brown
onto your blue

straight girl
you're not so straight anymore
but i wasn't the one
who converted you

straight girl
you soiled yourself
watching me from across
the room

like you do
and you do

i see the invisible man
the army of lovers
she's not scared she says, just unprepared and
I'm jealous
of the maybe six and a half of them
you've had
crawling between
the mattress
and me

and your legs
dancer's thighs
legs that grew up
after it rained

so i dance for you
not so well
just another moment demanding to be seized
i dance my own silly made up dance
while it's gently pouring outside a loud soft sound
suddenly strobe-light lightning
slices through me, stealing you to sleep in one piece
burning across your body
where you lay
curled up
dreaming of the camel caravans
that no longer cross my country

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