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a friend and i were talking once about fantasies once and he said something like, "a fantasy is a fantasy because its something you dont do..." a person could fantasize about killing other people or fucking in the middle of wizart al-dakhlieh and just because its something they wont and cant do it.

my lover once confided in me that she had "taxi" fantasies about us...i would be a cab driver in amman and she would be riding in my car and i pretend not to know the road in and "accidentally" get us lost on the backroads of Al-Hummar...oh baby....

so many times, jordanian male cab drivers have tried to be sexy to us women/men in the backseat. look at your breasts in the mirror, touching your hands a little too extra to give you the change and worse, let me tell you.. and i always thought, if only you were my type baby, this would be sexy...if only you were my kind of dyke or my kind of fag ya habiby...akh

so thats what she wanted. ive never had the chance to rent a cab for the day and pick her up to fulfill this little fantasy which has become mine too, but im working on it. ill pick her up at doowar al-dakhlieh when i come back to amman.

the other day though, i was late for work and i had to take a cab instead of the bus. to my delight, this is amreeka-alsharr almutlaq and the taxi driver was a woman...go easy its my first time. as they say in libnan, "ya mommy!" and as they say in jordan "hela 3my!" i watched her screetch across the lanes in front of all the oncoming cars to where i was standing...akkhhh...shabeeha! the boys in shmeisani would be jealous of her style.

she was greek it turns out and she was hitting on me and for the first time in my life i was feeling what it must be like for a straight girl in jordan when she gets into one of these cabs.....maybe (minus the power issue)? even though she wasnt my type (here we again, but at least we're getting warmer), i thought this was one of the coolest things thats ever happened to me. ever.. and she drove like an arab or like a greek or like a taxi driver trying to impress someone in the backseat...u turns whenever it pleased her. and baby! did it work!

i have lived to seen the day.
our time is coming, or maybe its already here.

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