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Dedication: This issue is dedicated to the memory of 350+ Palestinian martyrs of al aqsa intifada. May their memories be eternal before God and in our hearts. May we live to see justice in Palestine.

Welcome to the fourth issue of bint el nas! So far, we've explored dreams, community, and sex (that was fun!). Each issue has been unique and inspired and deeply moving. For me, each issue, in its own way, has been nourishing: food for my heart and soul and intellect. I am grateful to the executive producers for their hard work and commitment to bringing us this forum in which we get to share both our art and our opinions. I am grateful to them for bringing us this forum in which we get to shine. Because girls, we are amazing and gorgeous and fierce. We shine.

When the Mujadarra Grrls asked if I was interested in guest producing an issue of bint el nas, I knew immediately what topic I wanted to explore. God has been at the forefront of my mind for the past four years. Now I wanted to know: is God in your mind? In your heart? Do you love God, hate God, believe in God, need God, pray to God? Do you think about God?

I consider myself firmly planted in the queer Arab community, and firmly planted in God. I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to bring my two most sacred places a little closer together.

Well, here's what happened. I heard from you, and I heard from your lover, and I heard from your mother. All I can say about this is: we have a lot to say about this! Now I think I'll let the contributors speak for themselves.


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