hallelujah! |  sima shakhsari


I came out of the closet!
I established myself as a good
committed certified lesbian.
Now I am a legal lesbian asylee from Iran
residing in the United States.
Maybe in a few years
I’ll be as good as a lesbian gets
and become a decent citizen!
Maybe I’ll vote for the inclusion
of lesbian in the military
or vote for a lesbian mayor or senator!
Then when I have a legal job
where I can enjoy the benefits of
taking the day off on U.S. holidays
I could go to Great America on Columbus Day
and celebrate the GREAT discovery
by shooting redskin “Indian” dolls
with a toy gun that a tall clown
with a white face and red nose hands me.
“25 cents a bullet!”
what a cheap price
to revive the great history
of colonization and genocide.
Only in Great America

could you get a deal like this!
I remember the price I paid
for each U.S. bullet or missile
that ripped our hearts
and crashed our roofs on our heads.
Fuckin’ hallelujah!
I am so gay and so American that I subscribe
to the national gay and lesbian networks
and yet so Iranian
that I write nostalgic poems
in honor of return to the Persian motherland!
I have established myself
as an Iranian…
pardon my mistake! as an Iranian-American lesbian in the
Great United States.
Now, in the midst of wow-wows and applause
from fellow hyphenated and non-hyphenated
gay Americans
who admire my courage to come out
I raise my glass of champagne to make a toast
to the liberation of all lesbians in the world
Then I rush to the bathroom
to wash the harom alcohol from my mouth
as I whisper:

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