troy |  maher sabry


Once upon a time
A wooden horse burped,
Regurgitating the soldiers in his stomach,
Armed to the teeth,
(Behind a purple commander).
They opened the walls up
And sketched the end on the gates of Troy.

In a dark corner in the horse's entrails
A single fighter remained.
He sat alone,
Holding a sword and a piece of sweetmeat
And dreamt of the Athenian,
The lyre player, who did his hair in ringlets
And painted columns for him, one Ionian,
And another Corinthian,
And in the nights of entertainments and festivals
He smiled only to him
From the back row in the theatre
As they watched ... a modern tragedy

He wished then that he had a telephone
To tell him how much he missed him

He put his head out to look,
Outside the wooden frame,
And was snatched up by the night and the full moon
He went down to the arena
And walked, unsteadily,
With a heart beating fast and trembling
He raised his sword in the face
Of a Trojan young man, fleeing,
Each suspected, and feared the other
And as the sword-holder loved life
He let the deserter run away
Outside the walls.

At their parting
He had reminded him of his duty as a fighter
To Aries and Zeus, of his duty
As an Athenian to his homeland.
He had smiled sarcastically
Ridiculed the gods of Mount Olympus
That shed so much blood ...
Then he took him to the temple
And at the feet of Aphrodite
They made love

He wished then that he had an airplane
To fly to him

He threw down both sword and helmet,
And, resting against a dilapidated wall
He recalled his winter memories -
The stage of the sea and the balcony.

On the beach,
They stood in the embrace of massive cliffs,
As they together repeated the marriage vow
Before an imaginary altar.
They let the vast sea be their priest
So huge and strong and merging into the sky :
the sea hurled his waves
On the rocks with a splash, spraying
Their bodies with foam.

In the evening,
They shut the balcony,
Slipped under the warm covers
In the dark room - all dark
Except for a little box that told visible tales,
Radiating a faint light
That showed him his face.

He wished then that he watched television
To follow the news of the battle

The screams, the obscenity, and
the mutilated bodies horrified him.
He woke up to find himself still
in a corner in the entrails of the toy,
While the soldiers, with iron-clad chests
and bare thighs, were still praying
to the gods, waiting for battle.

He wished then that the wooden horse had stayed
Outside the city walls.

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